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Paw Paw Lake

Mobile Boat

Washing & Detailing


A Bit About Us

We specialize in mobile boat washing & detailing. We bring all of the necessary supplies right to your boat's location (dock, pier, yard, etc.), and take care of it on the spot! We hand clean each part of your boat with supplies that are safe for you, your boat, and the lake! We hand wash and detail your boat during the week, or weekend, so your boat is clean and always ready for fun!



Boat Wash Diagram (1).png


  • Interior seats and cushions

  • Carpet vacuumed

  • Windshields and all glass

  • Dashboard cleaned

*We make your boat look new again!*

Boat Hand Washing Services


Wave Runner

45 min


Wake Board & Other Boats - Over 22 Feet

2 hr


Ski Boat

1 hr 30 min


Pontoon Boat

1 hr 30 min


Boat - Under 22 Feet

1 hr 30 min


Why Choose Us?

We're Local

Our owners have been on Paw Paw Lake for 30+ years, and we are extremely familiar with the needs of lake residents and boat owners. We know first hand why it's so critical to clean your boat in the spring, during the hot summer months, and before you store it away for the winter!

Paw Paw Lake Satellite.png

We're Mobile

Don't ever worry about washing your boat again! We bring our washing and detailing service right to your location! Our hand washing service will clean the exterior of your boat, while our detailing services will also wash and condition the interior. This includes seats, cushions, windshield, dashboard and trim.

We Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners!

We care about your boat and our lake! That's why all of our supplies are biodegradable, non-toxic, water safe, and made with sustainable packaging. Keep your boat clean, and the lake looking great, by working with us!


Check Out Our Work!

wave runner 1-1.jpg
wave runner 1-2.jpg
wave runner 2-3.jpg
wave runner 2-1.jpg

"Our wave runners look nearly new again! Thank you so much."


"That subtle grime has been there for years. I can't believe how new the interior looks again!"


"Each part of our boat was washed and detailed with precision. I'll be sure to have them come back soon!"

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